IP65 – What you need to know

The IP65 designation (International Standard IEC 60529) applied to GRANITE SPLASH batteries defines the level of protection against ingress of dust and water.
Accordingly to the specification, our batteries qualify as dust tight, meaning ingress of dust is totally impeded.
Furthermore, our batteries can resist against jets of water coming from any direction, sufficiently enough not to have their performances or safety features compromised.
Test conditions require that the above performances are successfully endured for an exposure of not less than 3 minutes.

BLUESHAPE guarantee that GRANITE SPLASH batteries comply with this standard after these have been successfully tested by a competent international body.
Users on the field would be able to benefit using these batteries in conditions similar to the above-mentioned without encountering any problems, with every usage time being not shorter than at least, the actual runtime of the battery in use.
Adverse conditions exceeding the standard, such as exposure to powerful jets of water or temporary submersion, are not guaranteed, apart from the fact that such abuse can cause irreversible damage to the batteries.
Usage of unapproved battery plates may cause irreversible damage to the battery terminals compromising their electrical conductivity.

BLUESHAPE strongly recommends usage of appropriately IP rated plates only.
GRANITE SPLASH batteries are not user serviceable. Any attempt to open or tamper with them will invalidate the guarantee and IP rating.